7 Tips For Healthy Travel

Over the summer, I’ll be doing a little bit of traveling. Some family vacations, some flying to a destination where I won’t have tons of access to my own fresh food, and some just day trips sailing and visiting family etc.

Here are my plans for healthy travel. Take whatever you want from it and decide what you might want to research a little more about and impliment for your travels! Please please please don’t just do something because you see it works for me. Look it up, experiment with what works for your body, and decide from there how you want to go about this.

1. Ditch the “diet” mentality.

A long time ago, I ditched the mentality that food is either good or bad, or that I’m either good or bad for eating a certain food. Diets don’t work. Having a diet is a different story. Having a diet means that it ebbs and flows so it’s not always the same.

My plan for just before my two big weeks of travel in a row is to be a little  more diligent in keeping track of what I eat, making sure I eliminate inflammatory foods and eat more of the foods I know are anti-inflammatory for me, and sticking with my exercise regimen.

While I travel, though, I’ll give myself a little leeway. I’m going to York, ME with family and you bet your ass I’m going to enjoy some blueberry strudel with my mom!

I’ll be hitting up NOLA in July so you know I need to try some beignets!

For me, it’s not so much about moderation or balance. It’s more about doing my best to give my body what it needs. I know I’m in control of what I eat. If I eat a certain way, there will be no cravings, no binging, and I won’t want to overeat. I also know that if/when I do decide to endulge, it’s not the end of the world!

And one more thing.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no amount of exercise that can out-do what food does to your body. You can’t outexercise poor nutrition. Food has certain affects on your body, and exercise has totally different effects.

Exercise should never be a “punishment” for eating a certain food.

So with that in mind, and knowing how certain foods make me feel, I’ll go at these travel opportunities with a clear picture of what I want to feel like at the end, as well as have a little leeway to enjoy the foods I love.

To me, that’s food freedom!

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2. What I’ll be packing

To have a successfully healthy travel experience, there are a few items that I’ll be taking with me when I travel. Of course road trips/day trips to visit friends/family are a little easier to pack for since I don’t have to worry about TSA but there are a couple things I will not travel without no matter what!

And some of them are pretty weird.

1. Shakeology

This is just a no brainer for me. It’s my one “duh” meal every day and I just refuse to live without it! There is no guarantee that my body will get all the nutrients it needs without it. It’s quick, easy, portable, helps keep me regular, reduces cravings, gives me energy, makes me feel great overall.

Why would I even THINK of not packing this??

2. Bulletproof coffee

I’ve been on the bulletproof coffee train for a couple of months now. This is coffee blended with butter and brain octane oil. It tastes amazing, keeps you full, reduces cravings, keeps you from having afternoon energy slumps and brain fog plus so much more!

For the weekends away and day trips, I can grab my own butter and bring my brain octane oil. But for traveling in hotels and airports, I’ll be using the “instamix” version. That’s powdered grass fed butter and brain octane oil. If I don’t have access to a blender (or a tiny portable one), I can shake it up in some coffee and I’m good to go.

3. Brain Octane Oil

Though I’ll be bringing the instamix, I’ll still bring a little 3oz bottle of brain octane to add to sushi or salads in restaurants, mix it with my pre-workout, lemon water, and even tea.

It’s worth investigating and investing in this stuff! I will not go anywhere without it now.

4. Performance Supplements 

Pre-workout Energize, during workout hydrate (also for hydrating while in the summer heat), and post workout recover are all necessary for me to keep up with my regular fitness regimens.

5. Avocados

Yes, I will be that person who brings avocados in my carry on… I eat about 1-3 of them every day either alone, in salads, or blended in my shake. They are a source of healthy fats, keep me full and keep me from craving junk.

Once I get to where I’m going, I’ll also hit up the grocery store for some to stock up on.

6. Supplements 

Of course there are other supplements that will make the travel experience much more manageable. I’d like to feel great, be regular, have energy, sleep better, and not miss a beat while I’m traveling (especially because I’ll be learning a lot at the Beachbody Coach Summit!)

These are just some of the supplements I’ve been experimenting with. Just because I take them doesn’t mean you should go buy them! Supplements are amazing for helping you live a better quality life but it’s important that you know what they’re for, where they come from, and whether they actually have what is on the label in them (check out labdoor.com to buy supplements or go to bulletproof.com for quality products.) Research, experiment, and see for yourself what works!

Some of the supplements I’ll be bringing with me are

  • Activated Coconut Charcoal–great for taking with alcohol and restaurant food. It binds toxins in the body and gets rid of them.
  • Glutathione Force– Glutathione is an antioxidant that our bodies naturally produce (also found in vegetables like Brussels sprouts). I take it 4-5 days per OR  a little more when I’m eating less than healthy foods or breathing poor quality air (hello moldy New Orleans and terrible air quality airplanes).
  • Calcium D Glucarate– helps the liver detox. If I’m gonna be enjoying some adult beverages, of course I need this 😀

7. Collagen Fat Bombs (recipe coming soon)

I fully intend to come up with/find a fat bomb recipe that includes collagen. Again it’s all about reducing cravings, not feeling hungry, and making sure my body has enough fat!

8. Bone Broth packets

Another must-have for gut health and a quick snack to hold me over. I use Lono life packets. Just mix with hot water and you’re all good!

Stay tuned…I’ll probably be adding to this list! (Plus it’s great for me to be able to refer back to as a list for when I’m packing!) 

3. Fast when necessary.

Before I get into this topic, I HIGHLY recommend you do some research before just embarking on any type of dietary fast. While fasting can be super beneficial, if you have a history of any type of eating disorder or emotional issues with food, you should avoid it OR do a LOT of research, experiment, and figure out what works for you.

Also, what works for me may not work for you. You may find, however, that this trick might help you get through airports, long car rides, not-so-healthy food options etc.

One last thing before I explain, please do not EVER try to fast for weight loss. While it might incorporate a loss in some water weight and reduce in inflammation (which causes weight loss), weight loss should never be the soul reason you fast. Please please please do your research and know that I’m not advising you to fast. Just figure out what works for you!

For the last few months, I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting as well as extended (1-3 days) fasting with support of healthy fats, bone broth, and bulletproof coffee.

It’s been a GREAT way to get rid of some unwanted eating habits and avoid eating foods that are less than ideal while I’m not at home.

I plan to fast during my time at the airport–while maybe supporting it with bone broth, bulletproof coffee, and the avocados I’ll be packing 🙂

This helps to avoid having to eat any foods I really don’t want to!

I haven’t yet, but might do this at certain restaurants etc. depending on how I feel and how I WANT to feel later.

Here are some resources where you can do your research on fasting, intermittent fasting, and supported fasts.

  1. The Chalene Show Podcast 
  2. TheDietDoctor.com
  3. Fat For Fuel by Dr. Joseph Mercola
  4. Bulletproof Radio Podcast 
  5. WholeLifeHealthMD.com
  6. Do your own research!! Look it up…but don’t just rely on social media and blog posts. Find the actual scientific proof.

4. Do homework.

I’ll be looking up restaurants, grocery stores, hiking opportunities, and hotel gyms for while I’m away.

When you know what to expect at each restaurant, you can make your choices before you get there. When you’re faced with more choices, there’s more of a chance that you’ll make a poor one!

I’ll check out the different types of restaurants, decide if I’ll be splurging on food or making healthier choices, and finding ways to make sure I get all my veggies in even while enjoying the other foods.

Making sure that there’s a time and a place to workout is a MUST. Luckily, everyone of my friends/family knows that I HAVE to get in my workouts and they’re flexible with that. If your family members are not supportive, then try to just plan more activities and walk more places. It doesn’t have to be perfect, I know that my regular routine will be back before I know it…

5. Make it about the memories–not food.

Chances are, what I’ll remember most about these trips is not the food or how I felt from eating certain foods…it’s about the memories!

When you put too much focus on food, drinks, what you should and shouldn’t eat, what you should and shouldn’t feel, freaking out about being perfect, feeling like you fell “off track,” you totally lose the whole point behind these trips. They should be about the MEMORIES! Make it about what you DO rather than what you eat.

6. Incorporate more movement.

I plan on walking–a lot–wherever I go. Depending on how far and what kind of time I have to get there, I’ll walk! This incorporates more movement which helps your body keep up with its ability to function properly and use food as fuel and medicine.

The trip I’m taking to New Orleans is based on fitness, but even then the workouts aren’t like all day long. So I still have to get creative.

While away, I like to try to find ways to make memories around movement. Go bowling, hiking, mini golf, walk the beach, climb the stairs, walk everywhere etc.

7. Take it easy.

This is the time of year where we really shouldn’t be hard on ourselves about food and exercise. There are so many temptations, unusual schedules, times where we just don’t feel like doing anything, times where we don’t really have too much of a choice. All of this is OKAY!

It’s important to know that our regular schedule will be back. We are adults, we can make our own choices. We can also choose to not worry about being perfect all the time.

Get rid of the black and white mentality. If you have ice cream ENJOY IT!

If you have drinks with friends, ENJOY IT!

If you eat junk food every day for your entire vacation, IT’S OKAY!

We have to know that our health journey, just like life, ebbs and flows. There are times where we are motivated and diligent and there are times where we get to have a little leeway.

We are always growing and learning and should be open to new ideas and opportunities when it comes to our health. So let there be some gray area! (sorry type A’s)

Overall just ENJOY every minute of your summer. AND LIVE!

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