Hey Music Teacher Friends! Let’s talk…

Reality is:
1. We are always busy! We teach all day, go to private lessons, gigs and rehearsals in the afternoon/evenings.

2. There isn’t always time to prepare healthy meals so we grab whatever is convenient.

3. We’re sometimes on the road in between rehearsals and don’t always have the best options when it comes to healthy food choices. (Hello has anyone else had to change into their clothes for a gig in a gas station bathroom? No? Just me?)

4. By the time we do get home, we just want to relax with a drink because we’re too exhausted to do anything else so we have very little motivation to workout.

5. Our gigs often offer up free drinks and food and we don’t have a choice but to take it!

6. Our schedules are so crazy (and always have been) that we can’t even fathom fitting anything else in.

7. We love that we can share the love of music with our students and still have time to fit in rehearsals and gigs but our musicianship and our health can often suffer.
As a music teacher who has been there and still struggles, I get it! 3 and a half years ago, I decided to take control of my health. I topped off the scale at over 200 lbs (the heaviest ever), and was feeling unmotivated, exhausted, and like I was in someone else’s body.

It definitely put a toll on my work and musicianship. On the outside, I was happy but inside very sad at what had become of my body. I lacked the confidence I needed to live out the life I wanted to.

After I hit my breaking point (tore a dress I was supposed to wear in a wedding), I started working out with at-home fitness programs (30-45 minutes/day–what music teacher has the time and energy to actually GO to a gym? You have to get in your car, drive there, bring a change of clothes, shower, drive back home or to work or what? I don’t even get how that would work…)

I learned how to meal prep for the week without taking a ton of time out of my weekend and joined an online accountability group. I also started drinking Shakeology to help give my body all the proper nutrients and vitamins it needs with such a hectic life.

Now, I’m the strongest, healthiest, most energetic and motivated I’ve ever been and this carries over to both my musicianship and teaching career.

While there is always something to work on, I have truly figured out a way to manage my crazy schedule so that I can do everything I need to do in the day, workout, fuel my body with healthy food, and come home at the end of a long day and still be productive or spend some time with the people I love.

All this without being so stressed out and exhausted! I spend a little bit of time on ME and my HEALTH each day so that I can be present in everything else I do.

Now, I’m looking for SERIOUS and MOTIVATED women who are ready to take control of their health, fitness and musicianship to get #MusicTeacherStrong before the rest 2016 flies by!

Join a fun and motivated community of music teachers just like you and me who are working together to get #MusicTeacherStrong.


You will get:
> A 15-30 minute at-home workout program (I will help you choose one that’s right for you.)
> A nutrition guide that teaches you what and how much to eat as well as sample meal plans, grocery lists and recipes.
> Meal prep tips and tricks including how to make an entire week worth of healthy lunches once for the entire week.
>Priceless time management tips for how to fit in your workouts and meal planning AND save up to 2 hours each day.
> Access to a VIP online group of others just like you.
> ME as your coach to provide one-on-one support and be there for you every step of the way and beyond!

To apply for the spot, click “contact me” below OR join our free community group on Facebook here.

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