Time Saving Guide

Hey Music Teacher Friend!

My name is Amanda Howland and like you, I’m a busy music teacher! I teach full time general music, after school ensembles and private lessons. I’m also a professional trumpet player and gig regularly AND I run this business helping many other music teachers just like you to become healthy and fit…oh and I make an attempt at having a social life and visiting family over an hour away.

Let’s just say I have a lot going on! But that doesn’t mean that I HAVE to be stressed all the time and feeling like life is happening to me. In fact, it’s the opposite. I like to make sure that I’m in control of what goes on in my life so that I can do the things that give me more energy to be able to sustain this life all while putting me and my health first!

And now, I can show you exactly how to do that.

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Save Time

Time saving guide