Yes You Can

! It’s been a while since I wrote about mindset and with my Fit Mind Boot Camp (soon to become Fit Mind Book Club) in full swing right now, I figured I’d share some ideas from the book we’re reading called “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero.

Even if you’re reading along with us, repetition is the key to learning. Some of these ideas won’t really click in your brain until you hear them like 37 times.

I want to talk about what’s possible for you.

I’ve helped many music teachers at this point in my #MusicTeacherStrong journey and there’s one common thing among all of them–well in the beginning anyway. It’s that a lot of them don’t believe they can actually accomplish anything for themselves… 

This is SO sad!

Music teachers are so quick to encourage students, tell them they can do anything, explain the process of learning an instrument, encourage someone when they haven’t practiced for 3 weeks that it doesn’t mean they should quit etc. but they never start thinking about their own health and well being that way.

And it doesn’t matter how many times I tell them that YES THEY CAN…it has to come from their mind first.

But here’s the kicker…when you truly DECIDE that no matter what, you’re going to change your life and never look back, beautiful things happen!

It doesn’t matter if shit hits the fan, you find a way to clean it up.

It doesn’t matter if your dog gets sick, someone backs into your car, you have a billion things to do that day….you find a way to eat healthy and do a workout because you put YOUR HEALTH first.

The truth is that when you truly decide that you want something, you’ll stop at nothing to get it!

This will go for anything in your life and certainly will go for your health.

Don’t worry so much about how it’s going to happen. Don’t worry so much about what you have to do or the fact that you’re going to have to keep up with a lifestyle etc.

Just Start!

If you can’t take a huge step to begin with, take as big a step as you can. But take it NOW.

And don’t worry, we got your back.

You CAN do this.

If you start speaking to yourself the way you would speak to your students and start realizing that success is in the stars for you if you want it, then your life is unlimited.

You have the power to be, do, and have anything you want in this life. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t settle for anything less than the amazing human that you are!

Will you join us?

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